What We Do



LPI Products Louisiana Plastic Industries offers a variety of products including single wound film sheeting, capable of 2-ply film sheeting. We also offer High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, Linear Low Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene and the capacity to make specific film blends. We also offer several patterns of pre-slit film and perforated film. The pre-slit films and perforated films are designed to allow maximum air flow through multi-wall bags during the packaging process.

  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Low Density Polyethylene
  • Linear Low Density
  • Polypropylene
  • Specific Film Blends
  • Pre-Slit Film
  • Polyethylene Film Tubing
  • Perforated Film


LPI CapacityLouisiana Plastic Industries has thirteen extrusion lines. This gives us the flexibility to meet short lead times therefore reducing the need for our customers to carry excess inventory and we all know how expensive it can be to leave money sitting in the warehouse. Our capacity and flexibility allows us to run several different types of resins and film types at the same time without jeopardizing our quality or our customer service.


LPI QualityAll of us at Louisiana Plastic Industries strive to maintain the highest quality standards possible. We inspect every order throughout the productions process to guarantee that every order meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. All quality issues are handled in a timely manor and we take responsibility for any mistakes we might make.

Due to the nature of high-density film, great precautions are taken in packaging to ensure the quality of the film and avoid splitting. Using heavy internal and external headers, rolls are handled on edge only one time as they are placed on skids for shipment.

LPI’s responsibility to our customers falls into the following categories »

  • Treatment for gluability
  • Meeting FDA requirements
  • Size (width)
  • Gauge and yield
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate and Oxygen Transmission Rate
  • Roll configuration
  • Assigned handling and protective packaging
  • Time delivery
  • Continuous improvement

To control each of the above, we have set continuous tests for each roll »

  • Pull trim while running; check treatment and millage each 30 to 45 minutes. Each line has an automatic warning system to alert operator of treatment equipment failure.
  • FDA requirements are met by our suppliers confirmations. Only virgin FDA material is purchased at LPI.
  • Full width test for treatment, gauge, and width check on each roll
  • All gauge and yield factors are determined by micrometer checks and computation.
  • Each roll is measured for circumference to assure proper roll configuration.

LPI has three employees specifically assigned to handle rolls for shipment. Each end and three headers on the base end. Roll set on base end ONLY.

Time and location are confirmed after each completed delivery.

LPI is committed to the continuous improvement of our film and service through customer feedback, employee involvement, and the use of a complete Quality Control System.


On-Time Delivery Commitment.

LPI ShippingWith a fleet of eighteen trucks, LPI delivers the majority of our products directly to our clients ensuring that our customers receive their film on time and exactly when they need it. Shorter lead times and dependable service allow our customer to have the lowest possible inventory.

The relationships we build with each client extend throughout our staff including our drivers who know our customers personally and strive to have on-time deliveries. Your film will arrive at your manufacturing facility in the identical condition that it left our facilities.